Love, Wealth, Relationships, Career, The Shadow

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With over 10 years experience consulting the Tarot, you can gain insight and guidance into the past present and future with a reading from Caroline.

The Tarot uses the ancient language of archetypes and symbols to communicate the truth of a situation. So to find out what you need to know about love, wealth, relationships, careers and the Shadow, book bellow, to see what unconscious forces are guiding your life.

Caroline Reilly

Shadow Work Coach

Reiki Energy Master/Teacher (Usui Method)

Dream Interpretation

Tarot Readings


Expressive Artist 


Formal studies in Jungian Psychology with Art therapy,

Early Childhood Psychology and Education

‘Messages from the Unconscious’ a personal Shadow Work based Art Exhibition, Ireland Rep, 2005

Creator of Shadow Work Community Facebook Group, Membership site and Courses

Eric Richardson

I very much appreciated my reading with Caroline and look forward to additional consultation with her.  I was very grateful for her inclusion of the shadow aspect into the reading and then very impressed by her interpretation of the spread.  She brings a calm, serious, and insightful perspective that carries both gravitas and hope. No ego at all, but rather a depth in perspective, intuition and wisdom that I have rarely encountered in this domain.  There is the sense that the information she brings out in the reading originates from a very large and wise place.  

Abbie Hill

Last week I got a tarot reading from Caroline and was very pleased with the results. Caroline was very welcoming so I automatically felt at ease and comfortable with her. She’s goes into depth to understand the cards and their meanings, so I was fully aware and towards the end she helped me analyse what I want from life and how to get it. I would definitely get another reading from Caroline.   

Jamie Pitt
Rep. Ireland

 I had a reading with Caroline a few months ago and found it to be very insightful and accurate. The cards told a story of my life at the time and I got  clarity in my own mind. I also had a shadow work session with Caroline and I found it to be extremely beneficial to me and I found Caroline to be very easy to talk to and skilled at what she does. She knows her stuff about Jungian psychology and shadow work and I recommend anyone with an interest to get in touch. I loved my reading and Shadow work session back in 2020. It was very easy to talk to Caroline about whatever was going on for me at the time and I found the session very helpful, and I got good advice.. Jamie 

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    Love, Wealth, Relationships, Careers, The Shadow

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