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Do you want to start your Self-Healing Shadow Work journey but you don't know how to start?

Do you need guidance and support to get you started?

Reflections and Confessions Shadow Work Workbook will take you through a range of Shadow Work tools and methods, Shadow Work prompts and exercises and a guided Shadow Work meditation to start you off on the life-changing journey towards authentic self-healing. The workbook is designed to help you to self-reflect, to answer difficult questions with radical honesty, and to recognise how your Shadow is unconsciously guiding your actions, thoughts, perceptions and your life experiences. 

What will this Shadow Work Journal do for me?

This workbook will fast track your development of self-conscious awareness to discover what unconscious Shadow material is guiding your actions, non-actions, thoughts perceptions, behaviour and life experience.

You will learn to recognise suppressed truths, face your fears, and re-experience repressed memories and emotions which will allow you to work through and release the grip of these unconscious Shadow aspects. You will be guided to recognise and own your individuality so you can stand in your own truth. With these insights you will have the opportunity to make the necessary adjustments to yourself, to your thoughts, perceptions, behaviours and reactions, and to take action to fulfil your unique potential. 

"Shadow Work is the path of the heart warrior." Carl Jung

There are many 'new age' self-proclaimed spiritual guru’s out there promoting healing techniques that do not lead to authentic long term self-healing, as I found out through my own trial and error on my path to individuation.

 Through my own personal experience of Shadow Work, I realised the immense power and importance of the well known ancient phrase: 'Know Thyself', which is at the heart of Shadow Work, and is the most important work any of us can do in our lifetime, as it impacts not just us, but our family friends, society and the world.
The truth of the matter is that no one is 'coming to save us', which might be a frightening prospect to those who have psychically abandoned themselves, but this realisation must be used to empower, take up residency in ourselves, master ourselves, stand in our own power and become our own guru.

With the deep introspection, self reflection and radical honesty of Shadow Work we are led back home to reclaim our true authentic Selves, strong in our true power, and no longer reliant on external reality and the validation of others for our own sense of peace and well being.
Reflections and Confessions Shadow Work Workbook will guide you to do the important groundwork that is so important during the early stages of Shadow Work, to shine a light onto your Unconscious Shadow material to discover how your perceptions, beliefs, impulses and motivations were formed, and how, they had unconsciously guided your life, until now.

This Workbook is for you if you can answer YES to any of these questions

•Have you heard of Shadow Work but don't know where to start?
•Are you looking for an effective guide to help you introspect and heal yourself?
•Have you suffered with low self-esteem, depression or anxiety and want to find the reasons why?
•Have you suffered trauma in your life?
•You have experienced an awakening, a loss, crisis, or a period of suffering and don't know how to move past it?
•Do you feel your life lacks meaning and fulfilment?
•Do you feel you haven't reached your full potential in life?
•Do you suffer recurring difficulties and troubles in life and in your relationships, but you can't understand why?
•Do you feel inauthentic in your self-expression, like there is more of you that you haven't yet discovered?
•Do you hide parts of yourself, your opinions and ideas for fear of abandonment, rejection or ridicule from others?
•Do you lack self-confidence and self-esteem?
•Do you suppress your wants, needs and desires for fear of rejection?
•Do you struggle to understand why you do the things you do and why you experience the same recurring patterns of disappointments and upset?
•Do you put the needs of others before your own?
•Are there recurring problems in your relationships with family friend's, colleagues or partners?
•Have you assessed your childhood experiences to see where repressed memories and traumas may still be unconsciously guiding your actions behaviour thoughts and perceptions?
If you can answer yes to any of the questions above, then this Shadow Work Workbook is for you

What is included?

•Contains 40 powerful easy to follow Shadow Work Prompts in the form of questions to assist you to start your self-healing Shadow Work journey

•Thought provoking quotes throughout to assist your learning and understanding of psychological themes based on a Jungian model

 •A list of Shadow Work Tools and Methods 

•Four practical Bonus Shadow Work exercises included 

•A recorded Shadow Work guided Meditation 

•All those who purchase a Shadow Work Workbook, or any other Shadow Work Community product will be invited to a closed Facebook Group with other Shadow Workers where you can share and receive guidance and support with other active Shadow Workers on the group.

I look forward to seeing you there.


Caroline Reilly

Shadow Work Coach

Reiki Energy Master/Teacher (Usui Method)

Dream Interpretation

Tarot Readings


Expressive Artist 


Formal studies in Jungian Psychology with Art therapy,

Early Childhood Psychology and Education

‘Messages from the Unconscious’ a personal Shadow Work based Art Exhibition, Ireland Rep, 2005

Creator of Shadow Work Community Facebook Group, Membership site and Courses

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