A deep dive into Shadow Work spurring a confrontation with the unconscious. BONUS 6 months free access to Membership for sharing

"Everyone carries a shadow, and the less it is embodied in the individual’s conscious life, the blacker and denser it is. If an inferiority is conscious, one always has a chance to correct it." Carl Jung

Discover your Shadow Self, grow in consciousness, heal yourself and become all you have potential to be, with the 'Heal Yourself with Shadow Work, Nigredo' course. For the most effective and authentic version of Self-healing, based on Jungian psychology, you will be guided to return home to your Self.

This course will take you through a range of Shadow Work themes, learning materials, tools and methods, prompts, questions and exercises so you can engage and build a dialogue with the psyche and come face to face with your Shadow Self.

 This immersion into your Shadow work will start the process of knowing your Self fully, by Self I mean the totality of the personality.  We will do this through self-reflection, introspection and by answering difficult questions with radical honesty. Through the processes set out in the course you will learn to recognise how your Shadow unconsciously guides your actions, thoughts, perceptions and your life experiences, and how your early childhood experiences and social and cultural conditioning has played a part in shaping a Persona (or False Self) that must dissolve in order for the true authentic Self to take root.

With Self Knowledge of who you are as an individual, comes an opportunity to make changes that are more in line with your true authentic Self.  You can make changes to your actions, your reactions, thoughts, perceptions, and these changes will lead to a more meaningful and fulfilling life as you take the challenge to become the best version of your Self.

If you can answer yes to any of these questions then this course is for you

  • Do you want to start your Shadow Work but don't know how?
  • Are you looking for an effective way to heal yourself? 
  •  Have you suffered with low self-esteem, depression or anxiety and want to find the reasons why? 
  • Do you feel that past trauma's are still controlling certain aspects of your life? 
  • You have experienced an awakening, a loss, crisis, or a period of suffering and don't know how to move past it? 
  • Do you feel your life has lacks meaning and fulfilment? 
  • Do you feel you haven't reached your full potential in life? 
  • Do you suffer recurring difficulties and troubles in your relationships, but you can't understand why? 
  • Do you feel inauthentic in your self-expression? 
  • Do you hide parts of yourself, your opinions and ideas for fear of ridicule from others? 
  • Do you lack self-confidence and self-esteem? 
  • Do you suppress your wants, needs and desires for fear of rejection or humiliation? 
  • Do you struggle to understand why you do the things you do and why you experience the same recurring patterns of disappointments and upset?  
  • Do you put the needs of others before your own? 
  • Are there recurring problems in your relationships with family friend's, colleagues or partners? 
  • Have you been able to assess your childhood experiences to see where repressed memories and traumas may still be unconsciously guiding your actions reactions thoughts and perceptions? 

Benefits of Shadow Work

  • Know your Self fully - the good, bad and ugly 
  • Heal yourself 
  • Build empathy for Self and others 
  • Assess and set realistic boundaries 
  • Grow in consciousness 
  • Develop your spiritual practice and evolve spiritually 
  • More authentic Self-Expression
  • More authentic interactions with the world 
  • Learn to engage with your Unconscious through Dreamwork and dream interpretation
  • Recognise where you project unhealed parts of yourself onto the people around you, your partner and environment
  • Better communication 
  • Improved relationships with Self and others
  • More depth of understanding of Self and others 
  • Recognise and Face your fears, push yourself out of your comfort zone
  • Build self esteem 
  • Learn to use creativity as a bridge to the Unconscious
  • Learn to recognise and work with Archetypes 
  • Understand the effects of your early childhood experiences 
  • Learn practical Shadow Work tools and methods 
  • Discover who you are by unlearning your social and cultural conditioning
  • Recognise and Integrate your Anima / Animus
  • Understand your story and what makes you you
  • Remember past experiences that may have been repressed
  • Learn to work with and express repressed emotions
  • Discover the truth of who you are and why you experience life the way you do
  • Become aware of your Triggers, how they came to be and find new ways of reacting to them
  • Face your Fears
  • Fulfil your potential 
  • Discover hidden talents 
  • Re-connect with nature 
  • Create your own spiritual practice 
  • Experience your own connection to all things 
  • Unlearn social and cultural conditioning 
  • Grow in autonomy and independence
  • Develop your individuality
  • Develop your own moral compass 
  • Become all you have potential to be


With this course you will also be invited to join and benefit from 6 months free access to the Shadow Work Community Membership Group.

The group has been set up for active Shadow Workers to learn, share, get support, advice and guidance from myself Caroline Reilly and other active Shadow Work members, The usual cost is £9.97 per month, saving you £59.82

The Group has the following benefits:

Weekly Shadow Work Themes
Daily Shadow Work Prompts, questions, exercises
Daily posts and Information sharing
Weekly Group Dreamwork
Weekly Live Q&A's
Monthly Shadow Work Workshops
A safe supportive learning and sharing environment

Course Modules
Module 1 - Introduction and The Promise
Module 2 - Dark Night of the Soul
Module 3 -Tell Your Story - Your Personal Myth
Module 4 - A Brief Introduction to Jungian Psychology and Archetypes
Module 5 - Shadow Work Tools and Methods
Module 6 - Dreamwork
Module 7 - Persona and the False Self
Module 8 - Personality Traits and Behaviours
Module 9 - Complexes Fears and Anxieties
Module 10 - Childhood Trauma and Early Family Life
Module 11 - Anima / Animus Integration
Module 12 - Social and Cultural Conditioning
Module 13 - Legitimate Suffering and Tension of Opposites

Caroline Reilly

Shadow Work Coach

Reiki Energy Master/Teacher (Usui Method)

Dream Interpretation

Tarot Readings


Expressive Artist 


Formal studies in Jungian Psychology with Art therapy,

Early Childhood Psychology and Education

‘Messages from the Unconscious’ a personal Shadow Work based Art Exhibition, Ireland Rep, 2005

Creator of Shadow Work Community Facebook Group, Membership site and Courses

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