Coaching Call with Caroline Reilly

Shadow Work Related Guidance and Support

Depending on your needs a Coaching Call with Caroline can include the following:

Shadow Work Guidance Advice and Support
Reiki Energy Healing Work and Attunement
Chakra Clearing
Dream Interpretation
Spiritual Development Guidance
Tarot Card Readings
Dark Night of the Soul Guidance
Managing your Energy Field
Psychic Protection Guidance

Caroline Reilly

Shadow Work Coach

Reiki Energy Master/Teacher (Usui Method)

Dream Interpreter

Tarot Reader 

Shadow Work Podcast

Expressive Artist 


Twenty years experience working with children

Formal studies in Jungian Psychology with Art therapy,

Early Childhood Psychology and Education, Playwork

‘Messages from the Unconscious’ a personal Shadow Work based Art Exhibition, Ireland Rep, 2005

Creator of Shadow Work Community Facebook Group, Membership site and Courses

"The Interpretation I received, defined by Caroline was Life Changing and Phenomenal! Ive found a lot of my spirit guides that I needed in my Spiritual path. Very Insightful and would highly recommend". Mike Wunder 

I had a Tarot card reading and was very pleased with the results. Caroline made me feel at ease and comfortable, and she went into depth on the cards and their meanings so I was fully aware. She helped me analyse what I want from life and how to get it. I would definitely go to Caroline again for a reading! Abbey Hill

Caroline helped me through a difficult time in my life when I needed the guidance of someone who had been through the awakening process. Her knowledge of psychology and spirituality helped me to be able to understand what I was going through and to get the most out of the process through dreamwork and active imagination. I had never had a Reiki session before and was surprised that I could feel the healing energy from such a long distance. Caroline was good at identifying areas where I needed to work on revealing my Shadow to myself, which was life-changing for me. I would highly recommend a session with Caroline. Dawn Hasler

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